Monday, February 11, 2008

Love Fest

So it’s the week of Valentine’s day. In my not so distant past I would have referred to the 14th as Black Thursday. No longer. This year I’m already looking forward to the big day. One of the many perks of having a “permanent boyfriend.” You see this will be the first Valentine’s day that we will really get to celebrate as a schmoopy couple. The first year we were dating (unbeknownst to me) Ryan was planning on proposing the following month and so kept things on V-day relatively low key. The year we were engaged we were alone in Memphis and trying to plan a wedding so again, low key. The first year we were married (last year) I was 6 months pregnant and not feeling particularly romantic (plus couldn’t partake of champagne or oysters). So, this year is our big hurrah – even with Coco in the mix.

I’m happy to say that hubby is on board this train and made dinner reservations at the new shi-shi restaurant in town back in late December! The plan is to put Coco down for the night around 6:30, change into the beautiful new dress hubby bought me at Christmas, turn the Coco show over to MeMe for the evening and hit the town by 7:30. I was even smart enough to take Friday off from work. Let the champagne flow! I got hubby a gift I think he’ll like, and as altruistic as it sounds I love giving gifts almost more than getting them so that’s one more thing to look forward to.

As a little V-day bonus, hubby will take Coco on in to daycare on Friday and mommy will get to 1) sleep in, and 2) have the whooooole day to herself in a quiet house to clean, straighten, launder and veg to her heart’s content. It will be a little I Love Me fest. So, Black Thursday be banished – this year I’m planning on something red hot!

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Our Family said...

Kristi! That sounds fantastic!! It sure does pay to have family in town for babysitting :) Have a wonderful V-Day with Ryan!!