Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weight Watcher's Weigh In - Week Two

Ok so today was week two. Lets get right to it. I lost 3lbs this week. (ok ok 2.8 but I had to pee really bad when I stepped on the scale so I'm sure there was at least 4oz of pee in there). So I am now at a total of 5lbs lost. I feel pretty good about it - steady loss is good loss. Of course the lady in front of me lost 4.8 but I keep telling myself that people putting up big numbers probably have a little farther to go than I do (hey, its what I tell myself - let me have it).

Considering my intake Friday night I'm feeling pretty good. Let me just briefly recap what I had at the comedy club (and thereafter): 2 cheeseburgers, 2 giant soft pretzels with queso dip, 3 pork potstickers, 3 glasses of white wine and a mixed drink. Yeah. I shoud've exploded sometime after the pretzels. But considering my weight loss, I am feeling more confident than ever in WW. I can't believe how NOT hungry I feel all the time. I had mint chocolate chip ice cream last night for cripes sake. This is a good thing.

The only downer I encountered was last night when I logged on, intending to go walk on my treadmill for half an hour, I quickly put in my stats to see how many "points" I would earn back by exercising. Walking on a treadmill at 3-5mph (which is a pretty brisk clip if you ask me) gets you one lousy, measly little point back. Quite honestly most nights I don't even use all my daily points. So what's the motivation?? Working out has always, always been my biggest hurdle to real weight loss. I just hate it. So to have it be so demotivating was a bummer. Gonna have to think hard how to mentally get around it. But all in all I'm moving in the right direction (just not at 3-5 mph for 30 mins).

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