Monday, March 10, 2008

My Wish List for Nate and Tricia

For any of you who spend much time on my blog, you'll see my fav's to the right. One of those -"Confessions of a CF Husband" - is about Nate and Tricia. I've never met either of them and likely never will, but a call has been put out for all the Mommies who read the blog to put down the moments we wish for Tricia once she gets to take Baby Gwyneth home (both funny and sincere) that we've experienced. Here is my list:

Tricia (and Nate) I wish for you:

  • The first time you make your baby smile a true sweet smile
  • That look in your daughter's eye when she realizes the dog is a mobile entertainment system
  • Waking up bleary-eyed after an all-nighter spent with the teething monster
  • The day when your realize you can shower, brush your teeth, AND do your hair all in one day!
  • Breathing in your daughter's scent as she sleeps peacefully in your arms
  • That first bath where she realizes that water splashes when "patted" (get ready for the whole family to need to dry off)
  • The first time she sees her own breath in little puffs in the cool fall air
  • The first time you come around the corner to see Gwyn asleep on Nate's chest on the sofa
  • The first time she discovers she can put her hand in the babyfood you're feeding her if she's fast enough
  • The first day you BOTH sleep through the night
  • But what I wish most for you is to stop and remember - with vivid clarity - where you were and what you were doing the first time it really hit you that you were a family... not a couple, not just a wife, but a family. You are someone's mommy now and forever no matter what. Its overwhelming and wonderful.

So that is my list - I'll be checking in on you guys often!! God bless all three of you


MilePost13 said...

Thank you!

Amy said...

Did you know that Nate's dad was my youth pastor way back when...when I was a teen-ager. And then Nett goes & hooks us up again thru Nate after all these years! Really IS a small world, huh?!

Anonymous said...

What an incredible/beautiful love story about those 3 people. Truly puts things into perspective to be thankful for all that we have.