Monday, March 10, 2008

Daylight Savings Time: Necessity or Sick Joke?

Ok, so this morning at the crack of what my body said was 5:00 but what my clock said was 6:00 I decided to hate Daylight Savings time. In the past, I had been willing to give up an hour because it meant that Spring was on its way. After this winter I’m firmly convinced that we are in a perpetual state of Permafrost. I’ve seen “Day After Tomorrow”… I know what can happen.

On top of that, Cora was so confused last night. We went through her whole nighttime routine but when it came time to rock her a bit before putting her down she was like “oh we’re having playtime in here Mommy… ok”. She was playing with my face, the zipper on my hoodie, the chair, anything to avoid resting. Don’t get me wrong, her little body was exhausted (we spent the weekend back in hubby’s hometown) but her mind could not conceive of going to bed while it was still light out. I finally had to put her down wide awake where she just stared at the ceiling for about five minutes before finally giving in and rolling over to go to sleep. She woke up about two hours later fully ready to get up from her “nap”. *sigh* Perhaps black-out curtains would be a sensible investment.

To add insult to injury, when I did finally open my eyes this morning I got the worse head-fake a girl could get on a day like today. Hubby has an alarm clock that projects the time and outside temp on the ceiling. Apparently he got a little rough with the clock this morning and unbeknownst to me it was turned upside down. So, for those first few sleepy fleeting seconds I actually thought it was 61 degrees out this morning – and not the crappy 16 we actually had. So uncool to start a DLST Monday that way.

It used to be that DLST didn’t start until after it was formally Spring. A few years ago, Congress – in all their vast wisdom – extended DLST and made the “change” dates earlier in the “Spring” and later in the “Fall”. This put our recent changeover well before our first day of Spring. So I guess the moral of the story is that I now have just one more thing to hate about winter. Oh Joy.

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Nett said...

I splurged on the black-out curtains last month ;-)