Friday, March 7, 2008

Cool Site of the Week: Winter Sucks

Ok so this is not a cool site per se... but a hodge podge of sites that help with my feelings of "winter suckiness". I have about had it up to here (here being the giant pile of snow against my house) with winter. So help me God I am getting testy and I am not afraid to grab Mother Nature by the hair and drag her kicking and screaming into Spring.

That said, here are my "enough with this winter crap" links:

This one is another "mommy blog" I found quite by accident, but the photo of her two girls sums up my feelings about snow as well:

In case that wasn't clear enough, here are my true feelings (warning - slightly PG-13)

Sooooo in order to indulge my lust for spring, some great sites to help me get my Spring on. (I'm bringin' Spring back ya'll):

The Hawk-Jovovitch line at Target screams 1970s Spring. Love Love Love:

Where Ryan and I spent our honeymoon... must go back now.... I cannot tell you how great this place is

Could there be anything that screams spring more than Lilacs?? Buy and plant one!

Fun, crazy, silly Spring wear to look forward to at reasonable prices:

Finally, smell spring in the air - in fact BE Spring in the air!!!

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, if spring doesn't get here in the next 10 days I am either going to need to be committed or am going to bed until the weather comes to her senses. It is almost noon and I'm still in my pjs - that is how unmotivated I am to move in this frozen tundra once known as the midwest.

Between that and apparently hitting the age when nothing makes me happy (I saw it on tv - it must be true and frankly explains everything) - my husband has been notified by the Church that he is officially up for sainthood

Ames - cold, hungry and grumpy