Sunday, March 2, 2008

Face the Facts

Ok, so as I eluded to earlier in the week, at the age of 34 I finally, finally signed on to Facebook. I can't decide whether that is creepy or cool. On one hand I swore I'd never be on FB or MySpace over the age of 30. On the other hand I am having a ridiculous amount of fun.

Now, I'm not finding long lost loves, or my kindergarten best friend, but I am finding a few old friends and classmates that I'd lost touch with. Its really fun to reconnect with folks I haven't talked to since high school or law school days. Oddly enough the first comment most make is "Wow - you married with a kid. Huh." Yeah yeah .. I know I swore neither would ever happen but of course secretly I hoped it would. Float little hope - float!

Annnnyhooters... back to FB. The good part is finding everyone. The bad part is seeing everyone who made it out of dodge and is living in Los Angeles, or Chicago ... NYC or San Diego ... Houston or Boston. And I'm still here. In Iowa. In Des Moines. Where I grew up. yay me. Ok so that's not entirely fair - Iowa, for the most part, gets a bad rap and is actually becoming a pretty fun place (for those over 21 - for you youngens... sucks to be you). But it ain't Manhattan. And as much as I like my life, I can't help but wonder what I'm missing out on in a big city. Of course all those people in glamorous places have day to day problems just like you and me. Some probably even bigger ones. But it still makes me wish a little.

My friend Sarah and I signed up right around the same date (give or take). We have been the biggest FB nerds alive. I have taken every quiz, installed every application, sent out countless bumper stickers, pieces of flare and drinks, and basically spent waaay too much time on this silly website for a woman my age. So lets recap, I'm doing something I swore I'd never do, spending way too much time doing it, and feeling wistful for places I know I'll never live. Why am I doing it again? Oh yeah... because all in all its pretty damn fun. Besides - where else can I kick my husband's butt in Fight Club? See.... totally normal fun.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks a lot Kristi!!! I'm now a FB nerd!! Lovin every minute of it!!! Thanks for asking me to be your friend!