Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week Five

Back to the scales I went today. I didn't have a ton of faith in this past week. First I had gotten sick late last week and unlike normal folks, when I get sick I eat! A lot. My body fully adheres to the "feed a cold" philosophy. In addition, I had my monthly Mom's Night Out group on Saturday at the local Cheesecake Factory. I tried to be somewhat reasonable... I had a tuna roll (ok a tempura tuna roll), edamame and 2 glasses of white wine. Oh and cheesecake. C'mon - its the FACTORY of Cheesecake. I can't not have cheesecake. Annnd not just any cheesecake, but cheesecake with caramel, Butterfinger pieces, Reese's PB Cup pieces and brownie crust. I didn't even bother to look up the points - I just quietly gave up my extra 30 weekly points as spent. Period.

On top of everything I was running late and so had to walk in the meeting well after it had started. Afterwards the few of us that had all come from the same late meeting went up to weigh. I lost 1.2lbs and felt pretty good about it. That brings me up to 7.2lbs overall. Not great but not bad. Then my co-worker Lana got on the scale... this was her first week as last week she decided to join on a whim. She lost 5lbs. 5. Seriously. Not cool. After her, Pete got on the scale. Ok Pete doesn't track his points, doesn't particularly try and doesn't work out. 3lbs. I give. Uncle. I will have to start working out (yuck yuck yuck yuck ew).

At the end of the meeting our "host" asked us what new healthy lifestyle choice (of those she had listed) we could commit to implementing this week. I was already doing the water thingy so I glanced over the "menu". More fruits/veggies? Ew - rabbit food. Take the stairs everywhere I go? I work on the 7th floor ya'll. Increase my dairy? Lactose intolerant girl here. Then I saw it - increase my intake of "good" oils - like olive oil, nuts, avocados, etc. Zing - sign me up.

That made me feel pretty good about myself - until I got back to my computer and logged on to track my weight loss. For some reason unknown to me, God and all of the WW message boards, I got ANOTHER daily point taken away. That is *2* now in the 5 little weeks I've been on the program. You are only supposed to have points taken away for every 10lbs you lose (or if you have a milestone b-day). Neither of these things have occurred. Who at WW is messing with me and how do I find them? I was having a hard enough time with 21pts/day... now down to 20 I'm a hurtin unit. Plus of course they dock your points starting on the day you're ON. That means I was down a point I didn't even know about.

Man, this gettin skinny crap is hard.

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Our Family said...

Over 7 lbs is awesome Kristi! I always wondered if the whole points thing would work or not for me. Sounds like it is for you! You are going to be in one itty bitty bikini come summertime :)