Monday, March 31, 2008

Pay It Forward

I know we've all seen the movie and get the concept... but something so fascinating just never really caught on the way that (I believe) it should have. Then today I was perusing a blog I check often and there it was! I decided I would participate.

Here is the deal... the first 5 people to post a comment here will get a gift from me, to them. If I don't know you personally just post an email address where I can reach you or note in your post you don't have a "junk mail" address and I will post mine in the comments for you to use (so I can get your address to mail you your gift). Now, these will not be mega fantabulous Wheel of Fortune type gifts here peeps. In fact, I have no idea just yet what they will be. But I promise I will send something non-crappy within 2 months of your comment.

The blog I read is doing the same thing (except that blogmaster is major cool crafty and is sending a homemade gift as is the blog she is PIF for/from.... I am not major cool crafty so ya'll gots to be ok with storebought goodies.... ummmmkay?)

You dont have to have a blog to play, but it helps. If you don't have a blog please promise to send an email to a buncha friends doing the same thing (i.e. the first # to respond get a gift from you). I can't force anyone to abide by this of course, but karma can! :)

To comment, just click on the "# comments" link at the end of the post!

That's it kiddos. Now the tricky part will be seeing if I have 5 readers!!! ;) So post away and bask in the happy karma to come!


Anonymous said...

You know I'm always online and reading your blog :-)

Amy said...

So, can I play along on YOUR blog too?

Holz said...

Free gifts eh? Well, then count me as your # 3 blogger. Nice idea. I hope it catches on.

Sarah said...

I think I will steal your idea. Maybe it will get more people to read my blog.