Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cool Site of the Week: No Miss Nailpolish

[note - yes this is supposed to be my weekly Friday column. Its Sunday. I'm sure you can manage to pick up the pieces of your shattered life]

Once you have kids your outlook on going "green" can change considerably. From trying to find non-harmful cleaners to buying a Hybrid to do your part at keeping the Earth habitable for a while, we all do what we can.

I was watching an interview with (yes I'll admit it) Justin Timberlake the other day and he said something that struck me... even if you are not comfortable going totally eco-crazy, do what you can. Take little steps. If you need an SUV for family or capacity, use LED light bulbs. If you commute a long distance, sort your recyclables. Not everyone has to be Ed Begley, Jr.

On top of that, its always scary to look at common everyday items and see the list of "ingredients" - most of which a chemist can't even pronounce. Ladies check out your makeup sometime... yikes. And that's going in our bodies.

Soooo when the all important, life altering, much acclaimed time came for me to paint Cora's toenails, what was a mom to do? I couldn't use all the formaldehyde ridden polish you get at Walgreen's. Luckily a friend sent me to No Miss and the crisis was averted. They make eco and body friendly polishes out of all natural ingredients.

The good news - they come in about 5million colors. (And for you trend addicts, they have a GREAT forest green metallic that will rock your summer - NARS wants to make the best shade of the season a limited edition? Who needs em!) The better news - they coat beautifully, have a wonderful sheen and last for DAYS! Trust me - I am now the owner of 7 different shades. And at about $6.50 a bottle you can afford to stock up.

So check it out and get your green on (most literally fashionistas!) (click on Add to Cart to get to a menu where you can view all the colors)

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