Friday, April 4, 2008

Cool Site of the Week: Fat Girl Slim

Ok so this week's CSOTW is not really a "site" per se - its a product. But because I love it so I had to shout its praises.

For those of us (mostly ladies - sorry guys) who have a little "hail damage" around the thighs, knees or back (don't make me say it - ok ok cellulite) this is a lifesaver. Normally I don't buy into any "quick fix" creams, I am a major cynic, but I was watching Good Morning America the other day and they had four women who had agreed to be guinea pigs for a number of anti-cellulite creams ranging in price from $29 to $250 a container. The only lady who felt hers really worked was the $29 cream. You guessed it - it was Fat Girl Slim by Bliss Spas (great name huh!). So off I ran to my nearest Sephora and picked some up.

For the past four weeks I have slathered this on my "second bum" (that area below my 'cheeks') twice a day, rubbing it in for 20-30 seconds per the directions. Let me just say that I can honestly and genuinely say I have seen a notable change. Now before you get too heady with joy let me point out that I do not look like Heidi Klum - its not magic - it does not melt away inches or pounds. But, what I can tell you is that the skin is much more toned and firm with no evil dimples in sight. I can even grab my leg and squoosh ... and no dents. No joke. I never thought I'd see that again short of lipo (which I actually considered for a fleeting moment once). And for those of you who are thinking what I would be thinking if I read this somewhere - no I have not been working out, doing pilates, or doing anything else (other than using this cream) that would affect the tone of my thighs.

So ladies in the name of Summer, if you want a little dent repair and can stick to the regimen of applying morning and night for 4 weeks, go get you some love in a tub....

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