Sunday, April 6, 2008

To The Highest Bidder

I called my mother this afternoon as a courtesy to let her know her only granddaughter was going up for adoption. I figured it was the right thing to do.

Today has been one of *those* days. Cora (we believe) is getting her first set of molars. Doctors say they can come in anytime between 10 and 16 months. This past week she got in her 4 "lateral" incisors (i.e the ones that come in after the first top and bottom front two). Now she's chewing on those rear gums like a monster, has been the most cranky she's been since our lovely venture into colic those first three months, has been vomiting (no fever), and has been constipated. She either had a very weird and feverless flu bug (it can happen) or she's getting those molars. My money's on the molars.

Today I could do nothing right. Both my child and my husband were less than pleased with me. (Note to moms everywhere - when your husband is changing the diaper of your screaming cranky child, do not come in and show him the "pee-on" ovulation test which you found under the sink and decided to use for fun by telling him its a positive pregnancy test. Bad move.) Cora did not want her favorite toy, she did not want her bottle, she did not want to play, she just wanted to be held. All the time. But not while I was sitting down. The only way to keep her slightly sane was to hold her and walk hot laps around the house. While hubby and I both agree this is not nearly as bad as "the early days" (she would have 10-15 min spurts of playing on her own on the floor) it still sucked.

So, knowing that I could not make my child happy, I did the only thing I could do. When we went to the local furniture store today to buy a non-wrought-iron-and-stone coffee table (bad parental planning) I suggested that he finally buy the theatre-style seating sofa with cupholders built in and dual reclining ends for his 62" TV in the basement. Yay wifey. I was back on the "good girl" list. So at least I got one of my kids to buck up. I'm still keeping the adoption agency on speed dial for the other....

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