Friday, May 2, 2008

Dude Looks Like A Lady: The Sequel

Ok, for those of you who emailed and wanted to see proof that my little munchkin had gone from girl, to glamour girl, to dude ... here you are:

Before (note the looong bangs swept back into a bow):

During... (cute, right?)

Today .... (not as cute, huh?)



Our Family said...

She looks adorable both ways!!! I love the short bangs! She looks like she's on the cutting edge of fashion :) ...i'm really being serious here - I don't think she looks like a boy!

Poppi said...

Clothes make the man - or the girl, as the case may be. Not hair! I've worn my hair much longer than that, and didn't look like anything other than me with longer hair (back when I had hair enough to matter). So... deal with it! And appreciate the fact that she's just as cute as ever! And still looks like a beautiful little girl.