Thursday, May 1, 2008

Peculiar Polish

Being the refined young lady that I am (no choking please) I try to keep my nails looking well manicured. I have a weird and strong aversion to chipped nail polish. For the most part I've found that means leaving my nails unpainted - its just easier for all involved. But lately with Spring in the air (sorta) I've been on a polish bender. And since I found some organic polishes all the better.

I've used these polishes many times in the past few weeks and have been in love love love. They are long lasting, shiny and come in a bazillion colors. So last night I decided remove my revved up red that was starting to chip and chose a lovely Spring shade of Coral as its replacement. I painted my nails around 8:30pm and watched the rest of American Idol. I went to bed around 10:30pm and all was well. In fact I was flaunting my shiny new digit toppers to my hubby.

This morning I woke up and as soon as I hit the shower I knew something was amiss. No, not sheet imprints, finger smears or gashes in the new polish ... something much more sinister (or so I like to believe - because its dramatic). The polish on the beds of my nails had darkened while the polish on the tips had stayed true coral. At first I thought it was just the light of the shower shining under my nails. No such luck. I got out and put them up against the counter. Same dealio. I put them up against a towel. Same dealio. I put them up against our white dining room table. Same dealio. You get the idea. It looked like I had painted coral over a french manicure - except I hadn't. I had some weird ghetto fabulous french manicure. Except I hated it. Ick.

I had no time this morning to remove it so I've had to deal with it allll day. Its just weird. I've never seen this happen before. I don't know if its something in the polish, my chemistry, or I did something wrong while painting but me no likey. Peep it for yourself (it's much more distinct IRL) and discover the mystery!

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Sarah said...

Maybe you could wear dramatic make up and make it an ironic look?

Where did you find the organic polish? If there are some that don't give you weird nails, I want to check it out.