Monday, May 12, 2008

How I Spent My Very First Mother’s Day - By Me.

My very first mother’s day was perhaps not everything I envisioned (no one peeled me grapes or gave me a two-hour massage) but it was a pretty good one nonetheless. It started with Coco waking up at 6:20am. That doesn't sound like a great start, but my mom – who was staying with me while Hubby was gone – immediately told me that she would get Coco up, give her breakfast and get her ready for the day. Hypothetically then, I got to go back to sleep and rest in quiet satisfaction. But like most of you moms know, once I’m up (and once the kid is up), I’m up. So… in order not to look like a stalker-mom, I rested in bed for another 20 minutes before getting up and sneaking off to wrap my mom’s present.

I came downstairs with present and cards in tow to find my little one in a happy mood and a beautiful orchid sitting on my kitchen table – a gift from my mom. I gave my mom her gift (a Lladro figurine of a small dark-haired baby girl in a bassinet) and got to see her pleased expression when she opened it along with the cards – one from Ryan and I, and one from Coco.

After that, the day was pretty much like any other weekend. I made some breakfast and coffee for Mom and I, got showered and dressed, did some dishes, did the laundry, played with Coco, and just generally bided my time until Hubby got home.

At 1:30 mom and dad (who had stopped over to say happy mom’s day) took off and I packed Coco up to head to the airport. Unfortunately, when I got there Hubby’s flight was delayed almost 30 mins. So Coco and I hung out for about 45 mins in the waiting area. Luckily she was a happy camper even though it was naptime and she just crawled around and checked out all the peeps. Once Hubby's flight came, I got my Mother's Day gift from Cora - I got to see her overjoyed little face when she saw her Dada and I got watch her bury her head in his shoulder and kick her little legs in joy when he picked her up and held her.

Once Hubby got home I got his gift – a beautiful outfit with some slacks and a matching blouse. After that, the weekend progressed again much like any other… We played with the baby, watched some TV, did a few house chores, a little more laundry and then I put the little one to bed while Hubby walked the dog. Hubby grilled out (a yummy petite fillet for me – ribeye for him) while I made us loaded baked potatoes. We had dinner with a glass of wine and then I got to watch my Tivo’ed Top Chef (which Hubby graciously watched with me) while I finished up the laundry. Coco decided to make an appearance a couple of times, finally settling down for the night around 8:30pm. I ended the night by reading in bed for a bit and then we turned in for the night early at 10:00pm after both having loooong weekends.

Soooo was my first Mother’s day as glamorous as the movies and Hallmark make it out to be? No. But the point is, it was my first Mother’s day… my gift was asleep (mostly) up in her crib. While I was doing laundry I was washing little shirts and jeans and jammies. While I was doing dishes I was cleaning bottles and sippy cups and tiny spoons. While I was watching TV I was also checking the video monitor to see a little tiny angel resting peacefully. All of this with the man of my dreams by my side. I would say that’s just about as great a Mother’s Day as you can get.

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Amy said...

Sounds like an awesome first Mother's Day. Glad you enjoyed your day!