Friday, May 9, 2008

MSU Sucks

... Or at least that's my take on things right now. Allow me to elaborate. This weekend is Mother's Day weekend. Mother's Day itself - usually celebrated with gifts, breakfast in bed, brunch, a day of rest, or any other kind gesture - is Sunday. This will be my first Mother's Day Weekend. My husband left to go out of town last night and will not be back until Sunday afternoon.

Before you think him heartless or insensitive, let me be quick to say its not really his fault. Its MSU's fault. His little brother is graduating from college and Montana State University in all their scholarly wisdom decided to hold commencement on Mother's Day weekend. Jerks.

Now, I suppose I could have taken time off work and schlepped Cora to the middle of nowhere to spend my MDW in the midst of drunken/hungover college students giddy under the warm delusional blanket that the world's delights await them just on the other side of the graduation stage but that just did not sound appealing either. I figured I'd at least enjoy the comforts of my own home this weekend. Are you feeling sorry for me yet? Isn't it just like a Shakespearean tragedy? I mean it is, right?

So, now thanks to stupid MSU I will spend my poor, little, lonely, sad and soooo pathetic first MDW allllllll alone with Cora. Don't it just break your pea pickin heart?! Of course my mom will be there too. And we'll probably go to brunch. And then shopping. And she'll probably buy me something since I'm in such a tragic position. And then she'll help watch Coco while I take a nap or read a book or just chill out with the TV. Hmmmmm. But no - you still are required by law to feel sorry for me spending my first MDW "alone".


Amy said...

hingI thought Mother's Day weekend was the norm for college graduations. LU's is usually always on Mother's Day weekend. There are at least FOUR college graduations in Lynchburg this weekend....LU, LC, RM & Sweet Briar.

FlippyHolz said...

So you're telling me this stupidity is country-wide? Sheesh. Great.

Amy said...

Seems that way! LOL Hope y'all have a fun day anyway.

Amy said...

Happy Mother's Day....hope you have a great day!!

Now come check out my've been tagged in a game of 'Husband Tag' ;-)