Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Favre, Don't Go Away Mad... Favre, Just Go Away

Ok, I am probably the last person anyone would ever guess would blog about the world of sports (unless you count competitive shopping) but I have just about had it with Brett Favre. Here is a man who had conducted himself with grace and dignity for years with the Packers. He retired the same way. Now, for some reason he is choosing to tarnish his legacy by acting like a spoiled child.

Apparently Brett got a little too used to being top dog - not only with the Packers but with the NFL in general. He made a move he now regrets and just expects everyone to kow tow when he screams "do over!" Ahhh I don't think so.

Lets just think about how this works in the real world:

You are the CEO of a major national company. You have a contract with this company. You decide to retire and take with you a lovely golden parachute. The following year, when everyone is ramping up for your company's "selling season" you get that old familiar itch. You want back in. So you call the board of directors and tell them you officially "un-retire". The problem is that the guy who willingly lived in your shadow for years hoping to get his shot at running the company has already been named CEO - and in a very public fashion.

Bottom line here is you have three choices --- enjoy your retirement, come back to the company in a different role, or find a new company to work for. Period. Paragraph. You do not get a “do over” in the real world.

But good ole Brett is instead choosing to whine, kick and scream. Instead of being responsible for his own bad decision (bad being a relative term) he now is pleading his case to the "chairman of the board" Roger Goodell by faxing him a demand to be reinstated. He has even threatened to show up at training camp. Yeah here is a guy who is thinking of the good of the team.

Go away Brett. Try and salvage a shred of dignity and years from now maybe we can all just pretend this didn't happen. Either agree to be back-up QB as you deserve, go play for a new team or stay retired. Its not like you need the cash. I'm sorry your ego is not tolerating retirement well, but the rest of us are just fine.

In the words of one ESPN blog responder:

Brett, I love you. I grew up watching you. You are my own personal hero and legend.

Now please, go away gracefully. The Packers are not going to welcome you back and this drama could disrupt the current team.

Stay out of camp, keep lobbying for a trade and just enjoy doing nothing and being rich. When did that become a BAD thing?

As for Aaron Rodgers - good luck buddy. Most people will be cheering you on, some will be cursing your name, but everyone will expect you to play like a legend. I hope you can.


Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY agree Kristi...well said!

Amy said...

Yikes, don't let Clay read this!