Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lactagen User Trial Diary: Day 10

Tonight is day 10. For those you paying ridiculously close attention you'll see that it was supposed to be Day 11. However I had a work dinner last night and didn't feel like bringing out a small vial of white powder to mix into my water. I meant to take the dose when I got home but forgot. Sooo I checked my handy guide and it said to just pick up where you left off. (it also said if you missed 5 or more in a row to call them, so I think I'm ok here).

Up to 2 L scoops tonight and so far no ill effects. I did have some bad effects around day 7 but that may be because I had pizza (with plenty o cheese) for dinner that night. The effects were a lot like day 1... not intolerable but annoying. However since then, nothin!

Meal tonight:
Honey/Ginger Glazed Chicken from the Grill
2L Scoops Lactagen in 8oz water

So there you go... so far so good. I haven't tried any dairy (other than yogurt) to test the waters for two reasons. 1) I really want this to work and they say NO dairy except perhaps one rare serving and then yogurt a few times a week; and 2) I think its just plain too early.

I'll update again in 5 days or so!

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