Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hot Mama - Let the Sun Shine In!

Ok so we all know that swimsuit shopping is one of Dante's circles of hell. (See this post for further explanation)

Luckily I have found the antidote. Normally I would save this and make it Friday's CSOTW, but it was too good not to share asap. Moms rejoice for I have found swimwear that is modest enough for those still working to get back to Heidi Klum status (ahem) yet fashionable enough for those of us that feel like we should be Heidi Klum. (ahem ahem). Its an Australian line called Jets.

You can find it online here: at Swimwear Boutique

Here is the actual website that will show stockists if you are lucky enough to be in a major US city: JETS by Jessika Allen

For Bikini lovers, the Bon Voyage is reminiscent of pin-ups from the 40s-50's and built to fit figures from that era as well!

For tweeners (those who can't bear the bikini but don't wanna go whole hog just yet), the Lustre is perf, showing off skin but hiding that key tummy behind fabulous ruching that camouflages like nobody's business.

For the "one piece or bust" crowd, the Soleil and the Orient are hands down the most perfect combo of sexy, classy and conservative that I have ever seen. The Orient offers slightly more coverage in the back while the Soleil offers moderate backend cover. The patterns and cut of both are works of art.

So take heart Mommy friends - even with summer coming there is no need to start thinking of grandma-like coverage options just yet. Head over and check out the Jets line and I'll bet, like me, you'll find your summer love!

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