Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weight Watchers Weigh In: Week Seven

You all know just how much of an idiot I made of myself two weekends ago when we went back to hubby's hometown. (if you missed it, or need a refresher on my crap binge, click here) Last week was a "dark week" (in more ways than one actually) meaning our team leader was not here so we did not have our normal meeting.

I had grand delusions (prior to the binge weekend) of losing 4lbs total during these two weeks. After the mess I made, I only had hope of losing SOMETHING. So today was a day of reckoning.

The good news is that I at least went in the right direction ... .6 lbs. I'll take it. All of my pals actually gained weight these past two weeks in multiple pound increments. One ditched the weigh in altogether (you know who you are, Pete).

The better news is that I am currently wearing a pair of pants I haven't worn since before I was married.

The best news though is that I am now firmly in the middle of the weight range for my height. I am in the smack middle of my ideal BMI range. I would like to keep going and get off a few more pounds. Actually more than that, I need to cave in and tone up what I have. If I toned up just a couple key areas I would feel pretty proud to rock a swimming suit this year.

Originally when I signed up for WW I wanted to be a skinny minny - the exact thing I now see is so ridiculous based on photos like the ones shown in yesterday's post. Now I just want to look and feel healthy. That is my new goal. An ideal BMI and weight, some muscle tone, a healthy cardio-vascular system, and the energy that goes with it all. I'm well on my way... and I'm pretty proud to say it!


Amy said...

Boy, no updates since Tuesday? I'm having withdrawal symptoms! LOL

FlippyHolz said...

I know - I'm shirking!!!