Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bad Press

All celebrities get put in their place at some point. Either harsh movie/music reviews by critics, nasty mudslinging during divorces, tabloid scandals with full color photos, or in some cases (ahem-Britney-ahem) the legal system. It’s just one of the many costs of fame. Seeing as how, since starting this blog, I have been living the life (albeit in my head) of a celebrity writer, well-lauded for my witty and insightful writing, it was only a matter of time before the vultures preyed upon me. That time came last night.

Sitting at my computer, thinking diligently about blog topics, I off-handedly mentioned to my husband that I had gotten an email from a friend who had enjoyed my Vacation blog and said it really made her smile. Something in the way he said “Oh that’s good” tipped me off. I then asked – “Honey, have you *read* my Vacation blog entry?” Dead silence. Hubby says, “Well I’ve been really busy at work and just haven’t had time in a few days.” My response: “How many days?” -- “Like 6.” That is like the half-life of my entire blog. Ouch. My own husband… my helpmate in life… my supposed most ardent supporter… is not reading my blog. And to add insult to injury its my “very busy at work” husband who sends me links to new cars and You Tube videos multiple times each day. Busy. Yeah.

Needing to feel bolstered, I called my mother – my biggest fan, my best cheerleader - and inquired if she was reading my blog. “Oh I’ve read it, yes I really enjoy it.” Uh huh. “When did you read it last, mom?” Response: “I think I’ve read up through January 4th”. Mortal wound #2… blood loss is too great … wounds are fatal… Ack.

So, I can’t even get my two most devoted family members to read my blog. What hope do I have of entertaining the masses? *sigh* But, as with any big celeb, I must simply brush it off, pick myself up, go on a shopping spree or bender, and have my press people put out a statement relaying that I am in no way deterred by these recent developments and that I will come back stronger than ever in the face of adversity.

And all 3 of my fans will cheer.


Anonymous said...

Kristi ~ Cally passed your blog link along to me and I have to admit I read them daily. You have a fan. :-)
Hope to see you sometime soon when I can make it back for a moms night.

KyLee Vonderharr (Boyd)

FlippyHolz said...

Thanks KyLee! That means I almost double my readership!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Kristi- I love your blog and look forward to reading it everyday! In fact I'm a bit jealous and wish I could write as well as you!!! Your blog ROCKS!

Sarah Dodd (Brown)

*Hi Ky!*

FlippyHolz said...

Awwww... you guys are makin me blush, but THANKS... that means a lot!

Holz said...

"Shopping spree"??? Ok...that's motivation enough for your #2 fan to read the blog more often. (#1 being Cora...but she don't read so well yet. gets it from her father)

Copper Dog said...

Some of don't get to sit at work and surf cars. And we're busy writing our own blogs, albeit only weekly. :) I like catching up on it on Fridays, when I'm working from home. It's less painful to find out what your crazy sister did now that way.