Sunday, January 6, 2008

Its All Cosmetic

I am a makeup whore. There, I said it (isn't that like a first step toward healing or something?). I have had fleeting relationships with more cosmetics companies than I can count. I read somewhere the average American woman has seven lipsticks. All of the women in Montana must have none because I skew that average so far the other way I can't even begin to fathom. I have more than seven lipsticks just in my purse. I have not just one, but two drawer-fuls of makeup; not to mention the fact that my bathroom counter looks like a department store display. I actually feel bad for the poor cleaning lady who comes once a month. Moving each of those little pots and jars probably takes her an hour in and of itself. Maybe I should dig out my old "Caboodle" (remember those girls?) and organize.

And I am loyal to no one. I have Loreal mascara, Chanel lip liner, Benefit cheek tint, NARS lip stain, Lorac glosses, Bare Minerals foundation, Mary Kay shadow, MAC cream eye color, Bourjois concealer, and the list goes on and on and on and on.... and on. At least I am not discriminatory. I will slum it with Cover Girl at the same exact time I'm slathering on Chanel. In my mind its the equivalent of pairing that Chloe blouse you spent a months' salary on with your Target pumps. If it all looks good together, who's to question?!

If makeup is my prostitution, then Sephora is my pimp. Luckily for my husband, for the longest time my pimp lived out of state. I would just send him his cut about once every other month or so. Unfortunately my pimp moved into town about 8 months ago. Bad news. Just like every other abusive relationship, I know I should stay far, far away but the pull is too strong. I always end up going back for more. In fact, this Christmas my in-laws gave me a very generous cash gift. Being a young couple with a new-ish house there are plenty of things I could have, *should* have spent the money on. Unfortunately, because I am weak, it all went to my pimp. Every last dime. I may end up on skid row, but at least I'll look good there!

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