Thursday, March 12, 2009

NutriSystem - Day 6

Well things are going much better.  Either day 3 really was my low point due to detox, or who knows what.  But since day 4 I've been doing great, not feeling hungry and my energy has been good.  Not even contemplating quitting now.

  • NS Cinnamon Squares Cereal
  • Yoplait Cinnamon Roll Fat Free Yogurt
  • Water
I'm not a cereal girl.  Even normal cereal.  Its just not my thing.  So I got a few NS cereals for one purpose - putting them in yogurt.  It worked out great.  The cereal tasted fine and stayed nice and crispy in the yogurt.  This felt like a "normal" breakfast and the Yoplait diet yogurts are amazing and come in so many flavors.

Morning Snack
  • String Cheese
  • NS Pasta Parmesan with Broccoli
  • Garden Salad (no cheese)
  • Light Ranch Dressing
  • Imitation Crab
It seems each day has to have a dismal failure.  The NS Pasta was today's.  Its another "cup o noodles" deal so I filled it up with my hot water and waited 5 minutes.  The smell of overcooked broccoli was almost overwhelming.  When I tasted it, I got through 3 bites before I had to just throw it away.  Good thing I had my salad (which I sprinkled a few chow mein noodles to make up for my disappointment... or that's what I told myself).  I actually really didn't need the NS entree - the salad did fine for me.  [and for those of you wondering, yes, I actually DO like broccoli normally]

Afternoon Snack
  • String Cheese
  • Almonds (12)
  • Mandarin Orange
  • Cherry Coke Zero
  • NS Beef Tacos
  • Decaf Coffee
I wasn't sure about beef that comes freeze dried in a packet that you have to add water to and then microwave.  However I was very pleasantly surprised.  It tasted, for the most part, just like taco meat.  I was also really surprised at the serving.  The package shows 2 round "shells" (more like chips) and I figured there would only be 2 and that they would be the size of Tostito round chips.  There ended up being 3 shells and they were about the size of a coaster each.  I put some lettuce and a very small dollop of sour cream on each (you are allowed a dairy serving with dinner).  I didn't need anything else with dinner.

  • NS Mint Chocolate Crunch Bar
Nothing else to say.  These are awesome.  Lurve them.

Ok well its almost been a full week.  I'm kinda dreading the weekend since that is prime snacking time since my family is around and food is within reach at all times.  Plus, there are chips, cookies, ice cream, and other baddies ALWAYS staring at me.  *sigh*  But I found the NS community boards today and posted a few messages.  Hopefully I can strike up some weight loss buddies to help me through the journey!

Grade: A-
Caloric Intake: 1033.3
Weigh lost as of morning weigh in: 0.6 lbs
Weight lost overall: 3.8 lbs


Amy said...

Curious as all get out tell what does ICBINB stand for?

FlippyHolz said...

ICBINB = I Can't Believe Its Not Butter

Amy said...

OK.....brain fart there....makes total snese now! LOL